About Majestatic

photoHere I will post reviews of books, graphic novels, movies, anime, or basically anything creative that blew my mind and struck a chord with my imagination. We are all shaped by the things we read and I can credit a lot of these things for the way I’ve grown up and how my tastes have changed. I will mostly be giving impressions of things in print, since that’s what my material wealth consists of, but I watch movies and shows like everyone else and I won’t hesitate to leave a word or two about what I’ve watched recently.

This is not a review blog, per se, but more of a impressions blog. I’ll dig back into my archives of things I’ve read or seen, point out my most recent discoveries, and overall give you my initial impressions of the creative piece as soon as I’ve turned the last page or finished that last minute of film.

In real life, I’m in my early twenties, working hard or hardly working. I’m chock full of crazy stories, but still trying to find my literary voice. But this doesn’t stop me from practicing here! I encourage my fellow writers to keep writing everyday, even if its simple blog posts like these.


Follow me at theweeklythreewithmaj.tumblr.com!



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