Dream Casting: “Artemis Fowl”

wtfShows how much I pay attention to book adaptation news! While rumors of an “Artemis Fowl” film adaptation have been circulating for what seems like centuries, apparently Disney is helming the project, and they snagged Kenneth Branagh this past September as director. I recently saw his rendition of “Cinderella” so I doubt he’ll have any problems with the fantasy aspect. The “Artemis Fowl” movie will combine the first book and second (“The Arctic Incident”) produced as a single film. Our assumption can only be that the further films will depend on the success of this one!

For those new to the series, Artemis Fowl is the story of a child prodigy (our titular main character), who uncovers the secret world of the Fairy People, who live right underneath our feet. He meets (kidnaps) Captain Holly Short of the LEPRecon and holds her hostage, upon threat of exposing the fairy people to the humans, ransoming her to revitalize his family fortune. Shenanigans ensue, and they develop a grudging respect for each other, which develops into a close friendship over the course of the series.

Personally, I vividly recall only gaining interest in the series upon reading the third book, “The Eternity Code.” This third installment was entirely a heist story, featuring Fowl and the Fairy People teaming up to steal back some damning technology in the hands of an American megalomaniac. My fave, but I digress!

While the projected film itself is only touching on books 1 and 2, I wanted to dream cast all the major characters who emerge in the series. Take a look at my choices below and let me know your thoughts!

Artemis Fowl – Jack Gleeson

Poor Gleeson needs a redemption role after what Joffrey did on Game of Thrones! He may be “retired” from acting, but one can dream.

Holly Short – Hailee Steinfeld

I would imagine that Holly would be stylized in such a way to appear “child-like”, but I still love Hailee as an actress.

Butler – Dave Bautista

For a good ass-woopin’ time, call Dave Bautista!

Foaly – Tom Hardy

I always imagined Foaly as they charismatic, suave centaur. And yet underneath, there’s a protective streak and a heart of gold.

Mulch Diggums – (voice) Al Pacino

He’s got that grizzled voice of a veteran who’s seen it all, from con-man to killer.

Opal Koboi – Maisie Williams

I’ve only seen her in Game of Thrones, but I believe she has proven to be such a chameleon actress, that she could pull off being the witchy Opal Koboi.

Juliet – Olivia Munn

I was just trying to imagine what a younger sister of Dave Bautista would look like, and then there was Olivia Munn. She might be a little older than Juliet in the books, but who’s counting the ages?

Artemis Fowl, Sr. – Liam Neeson

‘Nuff said!

Angeline Fowl – Michelle Pfeiffer


And there  you have it ! Who’s on your list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Avinviluu says:

    I like your dream cast!! Williams (going by how I imagine Opal to look) would really fit. I wish that they’d produce an Artemis Fowl movie soon 😀


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