The 7 Most Shocking and Emotional Moments in “Morning Star”

sadfaceThe reason I haven’t posted much about my feelings on Morning Star is due in large part to my new placement on the floor of my bedroom, curled into the fetal position and crying “It’s over? Wait, IT’S OVER??”

But with Pierce Brown’s recent admission that a new trilogy set in Darrow’s new world order is coming in my lifetime, I emerge newly refreshed and ready to share. Now that I’ve fully digested Morning Star, I want to encourage fellow readers to please pick up this trilogy in its entirety and bask in the over-the-top, indulgent, space opera ship battles, and Roman-inspired political intrigue. This last book was a perfect conclusion for such a genre-defining trilogy, and I dare to say that the trilogy is a tour de force that can bring about change for the wavering YA science fiction genre in general, at least when it comes to mainstream attention. And best of all, it deserves as much hype as you gave other YA adaptations, so put Divergent and The Hunger Games down NOW.


Listed below are moments from this penultimate book that I personally found shocking or extra-soap opera to me (and I love soap opera). Your list may look different, but these in particular are what floored me, and they’re in no particular order of importance.

Victra is Best Girl

Honestly, just any scene with Victra was pure gold to me (pun intended). I was tickled by her personality in Golden Son, but it has evolved into full-on girl crush by the end of this book. Her snark and sass, as well as utter devotion to Darrow, were really charming to me. I also appreciated that both her and Darrow were well aware that they may have had something together in another life, but not in this life.

The Meeting with Roque and Romulus

With all the space battles, planet-hopping, and backstabbing going on, the secret meeting between Roque, Darrow, and Romulus was actually the most intense scene that I can remember. If I recall correctly, it’s the first time we see Roque for the entire book. Since the chaos of the gala in Golden Son, Roque’s war efforts were only talked about, but never shown. It was refreshing that while Darrow harbored this underlying hatred for Roque’s betrayal, there was still sympathy, an urge to make his friend understand what the end-goal was. And when Romulus turns on Roque and orders him out, that anticipation for the battle to come was KILLING ME.

I just have to say that I love scenes like this in books and movies, these intense stand-offs right before the battle. It’s a last-ditch effort for peace, and really shows characters with their hearts and intentions laid open. Who slices and dices? The audience has to wait and see.

Roque’s Passing

Speaking of Roque, I’m just going to be totally honest: he went out like a bitch. But it was so in-character. He put up a good fight and then chose to take his own life, rather than serve Darrow’s cause. It was heart-wrenching and so disappointing at the same time. I was expecting at least some resistance, but his death was quick and without fanfare. Fans wanted their friendship to rekindle, but little did we know that another friendship would rekindle instead…

(Also, don’t you think it was a little convenient that Roque’s Pink just happened to sympathize with Darrow, and let him into the bridge? Jus’ sayin’…*sips tea*)

Honorable mention: BYE FELICIA REALLY PIERCE REALLY? (I’m not complaining, I low-key loved it.)

The Fucking clawDrill Maneuver

I love how out-of-the-box Darrow is with space maneuvers. Pierce Brown did not disappoint in Golden Son when he had Darrow space-jump and crash into the bridge of another ship to pull a Grand Theft Spaceship, so I was expecting something equally mind-blowing in Morning Star. In glorious fashion, we had Darrow and his fellow Reds go back to their roots by using clawDrills to sacrifice their own ship and hammer into an enemy. Fucking fantastic.

No Tongue, No Love

Jackal’s downfall was oh, so satisfying, that asshole (even up to his tragic hanging, where only Mustang would help). What a climactic moment! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I was surprised we as readers hadn’t thought of that either: the Jackal’s weapon is his words, so what do you do? Remove the weapon, aka his tongue. It was gory and gross, but so necessary and so bloodydamn right.

Her Eggo Was Preggo

I SO CALLED IT. I’ll admit, the signs pointing towards Mustang having a baby weren’t exactly that subtle. Darrow happened to be in captivity for a year, there was something about her being away for a certain number of months, and the puzzle pieces align. However, this did not detract at all from the moment that Darrow meets his son. I can just see the iconic “Star Wars”-style sunrise shot now…

The Double-Nipple Twist

I saved the best for last. I loved this chaotic ending for two solid reasons: a resurrection and a redemption, both for characters that I actually care very much about. Sevro’s faked death, and Cassius’ subsequent double-cross against the Sovereign, were fantastic, and I totally did not see it coming. But it was a story-teller’s wet dream, tying up all the loose ends and redeeming at least one character from the original A-Team, who replaces another we lost (aka exchanging Roque for Cassius).


So there you have it! The seven moments (or in one case, a character) that left huge impressions on me the moment I turned over the last page. As much as I wanted to include Ragnar on this list, I actually saw his end coming and was not surprised when it happened. But, that in no means detracts from my love for that great brute and his equally brutish, badass sister.

What do you guys think? What’s on your shocking, emotional moment list? Leave a comment and let me know!



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  1. Rick Woods says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. Liked Hunger Games and Divergent and its diversions. This is better? Hmmm. Will read these soon. I’m a sucker for space opera. I only read the first spoiler, so I will be looking for (expecting!) gold in there somewhere.


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