Dream Casting: “His Dark Materials” on BBC One

sillyDuring November, while I whittling away at my NaNoWriMo word count, it came to my attention that the His Dark Materials series was being adapted for a television miniseries through BBC One. I was quite excited by the news and couldn’t believe I had to wait ‘til December to give a dream casting, but here we are. For those who are hearing about the series for the first time, His Dark Materials is a trilogy by Philip Pullman, consisting of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. All three of these books are complicated and controversial, full of fantasy, religion, and great characters that challenge the norm.

The Golden Compass was adapted into film in 2007, and did moderately okay at the box office, but not okay enough to warrant the sequel. The story was simply too complex for a single film, and many viewers who never read the books were just plain confused about the world’s mechanics. I don’t blame them: there’s a lot of moving parts in this series, and I was surprised that they even attempted it. However, I applaud the studio for their effort, especially when it came to bringing the daemons and polar bear warriors to life. Perhaps a smaller screen will better suit this story, following the heels of “Game of Thrones” achievements in visual effects for TV.

Now, on to the characters! I’m dream casting the main players of the entire His Dark Materials series, as we tend to see the same faces from book to book. Also, there is currently no word on how this miniseries will be adapted, whether it’s only book one and some prequel novellas, or the trilogy as a whole.

Lyra Belacqua – Abigail Breslin

Will Parry – Jeremy Irvine

Lord Asriel – Tom Hiddleston/Daniel Craig

(I honestly could not decide between Hiddleston, and the first Lord Asriel on screen, Daniel Craig)

Marisa Coulter – Rebecca Romijn

Lee Scoresby – Viggo Mortensen

Iorek Byrnison – Liam Neeson

Dr. Mary Malone – Marisa Tomei

Serafina Pekkala – Keira Knightley

Farder Corram – Tim Roth

John Faa – Andy Garcia

Roger – Asa Butterfield

Ma Costa – Helena Bonham Carter


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