Unleash Your Inner Movie Buff

hmmYou’ve probably noticed I do a lot of movie reviews (/sarcasm), but a lot of the inspiration for my reviews and dredging up old movies is due to some of the YouTube channels I subscribe to. Just this past year, I have unleashed the inner movie trivia nerd in me and started seeking out channels devoted to film analysis and behind-the-scenes tidbits. In other words, I became more fascinated with what goes on behind the camera and what a critic sees from different perspectives. While there’s countless cat videos and various dribble on this website, learning through visual mediums can actually be fun (shocking). If you love films or film analysis and you’re hankering for some new channels to subscribe to on YouTube, keep on reading!

Every Frame a Painting

This channel is my absolute favorite. Helmed by Tony Zhou, he creates videos that analyze film technique: placement, shapes, colors, lighting, sound, movement, mayhem and so much more. His videos are delivered with the gumption of a film veteran, though I can’t be certain if he’s a film student or already works in the industry. He has introduced me to tons of films I haven’t heard of, and a lot of his analyses can be applied to other forms of art like writing or painting. He offers great insights into why and how certain film techniques work with certain genres, directors or actors. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, I can’t recommend this channel enough.

Notable Playlists: Director Analyses


CineFix is exactly how it sounds: my fix for everything cinema most days of the week. While Every Frame a Painting delves into film technique, CineFix is all about what’s behind the camera and how a film came to be. They love to compare and contrast book-to-film adaptations, pick apart genres and trends, and duke it out in movie fights. I tune in to this channel on my lunch breaks at work and it never fails to entertain. Their videos are professionally edited, animated, quick cut, and fast-talking, so you won’t ever feel bored.

Notable Playlists: Art of the Scene, Movie Lists, Film School’d, What’s the Difference?, Things You Didn’t Know

Screen Junkies 

These are the geniuses behind those Honest Trailers that your co-workers keep showing you. Clever and quick to the punchline, they love to tear apart and debate films on this channel. If you like to see different point of view on a film, head to Screen Junkies. Also, they talk about more than just movies; they talk TV shows, award show predictions, series recaps and more.  

Notable Playlists: Honest Trailers, Movie Fights, The Screen Junkies Show!

Screen Rant

Small inclusion, but this channel is fantastic for Top 10 lists relating to films, full of Easter eggs and little known facts that you might not have known before!

Notable Playlists: Top 10s

Chris Stuckmann

Stuckmann is one of my favorite film critics on YouTube, who also does analyses of complicated films and those downright stupid ones. The man is an honest critic and has an impressive library (just look in the background of his videos). I also appreciate his love for Cowboy Bebop, as well as exposing his fanbase to certain “overlooked” films and anime that deserve praise. He recently started reviewing video games, but that will be a whole other list of mine later. Get Stuckmann-ized!

Notable Playlists: Overlooked Movies, Hilariocity Review, Analyzed Movies, F Movies, Anime Reviews

Double Toasted

The critics in the gang of Double Toasted have been in the film review game for long, long time. In fact, I knew most of them from back when they were on Spill.com. Spill was where they posted podcasts and animated reviews, with cartoon versions of themselves, but offered hilarious points of view on various films. Spill was later taken down (for reasons I still don’t know) and the same voices reemerged later on the Double Toasted channel. I’m so glad these guys are back; they have no filter, and now, no cartoon animations. Instead, it’s just them in a recording studio giving feedback on recently released films. I just love their banter, both on films and real world events. They tell it like it is, in the same way your close group of friends gets together for drinks and just rants.

Notable Playlists: Highlights from Our Show, Movie Reviews

Bonus, for Your Inner Cynic: YourMovieSucksDOTOrg

Once upon a time, I was in a really crappy mood. I was feeling bummed about dumb movies in general, but was searching for someone to explain to me why I hated these movies, since I couldn’t pin it down myself. I stumbled upon YourMovieSucksDOTOrg (YMS for short) wholly by accident, and I was immediately amused by the deadpan but analytical delivery of the host, Adam. His repertoire of reviews includes films that we all secretly hate inside, and he is simply the voice of your conscience, explaining why their so bad. If you’re having a bad day, or are feeling frustrated about the current state of Hollywood’s slate, take a look at YMS.

Notable Playlists: YMS Reviews, Quickies


Got a channel to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


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