“Blood Oath” is Not Your Sister’s “Twilight”

If You Like…

  • Classic horror
  • “X-Files”
  • The Dresden Files
  • American history

Then You’ll Like…

Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

okayQuick post today!

Over the Fourth of July weekend, my siblings and I gathered around the ol’ television to enjoy a patriotic depiction of one of our greatest Presidents: in other words, we enjoyed a showing of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” As hilarious as the premise was, it did sport some pretty badass vampire fight scenes. It got me thinking about other vampire stories I’ve read, including Twilight. I was reminded of one airplane read that I picked up for a trip once, called Blood Oath. I loved it so much, I bought the second and third books at Comic Con without a second thought.

Blood Oath is the tale of Zach Barrows, a young Washington aide who aspires to be on the President’s staff. Instead of his dream job, however, Zach is assigned to an unknown role at the Smithsonian Institute. There he meets Griff, an old curmudgeon ex-soldier who’s figuratively holding the leash for one of the President’s secret weapons: a vampire named Nathaniel Cade. Cade is not only a vampire, but one who has sworn a cursed oath to protect anyone who holds the office of the President of the United States of America. Ever since President Andrew Johnson, Cade has secretly served each President and has cycled through a series of handlers. As you may expect, Zach will be his new handler so Griff can retire.

IMG_1780I loved this book because it reminded me of James Patterson crossed with Harry Dresden. Blood Oath is the first in the trilogy, and is remarkably fast-paced. Christopher Farnsworth is a screenwriter as well, and the techniques he uses to plot out films shows wonderfully in how cinematic this book is. Cade is a cold, disillusioned individual who attends AA meetings to resist drinking human blood. However, he is genuinely terrifying when he gets to work. Zach is his perfect foil; bright and eager, if not a little naive at times. It’s an awkward buddy-cop story; think more like a Sherlock and Watson type of camaraderie, than good cop/bad cop friendship in “Law & Order”. Their interactions are great and the dangers they get into feel real.

Blood Oath has been optioned for film, and Farnsworth apparently said that he envisioned Christian Bale as Nathaniel Cade, and Justin Long for Zach Barrows. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more to this dream casting. He also has stated he has no intention for stopping the series after three books, so I can’t wait to see what comes next for our two heroes.

If you’re hankering for some real and scary vampire lore, pick up a copy of Blood Oath today, and cleanse your soul of the literary dirt that was Twilight.

Will Make You Feel Like: Playing “secret agent” and pulling out Bond flicks

Music to Listen to While Reading: “Wolves” by Rag’n’ Bone Man

Publisher: Jove Books


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