Dream Casting for “A Series of Unfortunate Events”


UPDATE (7/6/15):


Now, Netflix is claiming in the video comments that they were not responsible for this trailer, but loved it anyway. Methinks this is either true or a very clever marketing ploy, seeing as the YouTuber’s username is “Eleanora Poe.” Even if it is a fan-made trailer, I applaud them heartily and beg Netflix to please hire them for the real thing once the time comes.

Original Post:

Netflix recently announced that they secured the rights to the A Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket, a beloved set of books that I worshipped throughout my school years. I loved the dark tone of this series, the clever characters, and the piles and piles of mysteries that lay within. While the film adaptation was entertaining, looks like Netflix’s plans lie in transforming the series into a running show. I am so in love with this idea, I can barely stand it. I’m glad that Netflix also secured the rights, as this means there will be no restraint on the dark content.

And you know what that means? Yup, it’s time for another dream casting!

Today will be featuring the cast of colorful characters from the long-running series, more specifically characters whom I feel brought the most to the series. While there are no details yet about how this series will be handled, if it’ll be one book per season, or a mixing of books per season like Game of Thrones did, there’s still lots to enjoy.

As always, I may come back later and EDIT these if I find another actor who could better fit the role.

The Dream Cast (take notes, Netflix!)

Violet Baudelaire – Saoirse Ronan

Klaus Baudelaire – Kodi Smit-McPhee

Sunny Baudelaire – ???

Since Sunny is a baby, we’ll leave this option blank.

Count Olaf – Willem Dafoe

Lemony Snicket – Matthew Modine

Bertrand Baudelaire – Jon Hamm

Beatrice Baudelaire – Carrie-Anne Moss

Esme Squalor – Gal Gadot

Jerome Squalor – Ewan McGregor

Carmelita Spats – Bella Thorne

Arthur Poe – John C. Reilly

Duncan Quagmire – Roshon Fegan

Isadora Quagmire – Amandla Stenberg

Justice Strauss – Gwendoline Christie

Did you enjoy this dream casting? If you disagree, I want to know who you think should play these characters. Sound off below!


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