Baby, Hush “Hush”: A Classic Whodunit for Comic Fans

If You Like…

  • Batman!
  • Identity Crisis
  • Masculine art style
  • Not-your-average-superhero-story

Then You’ll Like…

Hush by Jeph Loeb

Art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

quirkyI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I was not a huge fan of superhero comics back in the day. Even when Nolan’s Batman and Marvel films were picking up speed, I felt indifferent to the source material. It wasn’t until my cousin shoved Identity Crisis in my face that I felt a connection for the first time. If you haven’t read my review on how mind-blowing Identity Crisis was, stop reading and click HERE. I still believe it to be the best thriller, mystery story with superheroes ever.

But we’re not here to talk about that again today. Today, it’s all about Hush. And if you liked Identity Crisis, then you’ll love Hush.

Hush was a two-volume, standalone arc in Gotham City: after suffering a near-fatal injury, Batman sets out to uncover why all of Gotham’s villains are suddenly crawling out of the woodwork at once. Someone’s in the background pulling the strings, and it’s probably the last person you’d expect.

It eerily follows the same vein as Identity Crisis did in terms of story; it’s a big whodunit, but starring Batman and his numerous enemies, instead of the whole Justice League against each other. That’s probably why I appreciate this Batman comic more. I know so many others insist that The Dark Knight was the best or The Killing Joke, but I appreciated this one more for the story and for the art. I’ll admit it was a little off-putting at first to read; the styling was very masculine, even for the female characters, with muscles upon muscles just piled on top of each other. However, I feel it was done more tastefully than others, and didn’t appear too cartoonish or as unrealistic as other illustrations of Batman that I’ve seen.

IMG_1645I enjoyed the pacing and the peril of this story as well. When Bruce Wayne is nearly killed, his old friend Dr. Tommy Elliot is the one who performs the life-saving surgery and becomes integral to the plot. I enjoyed his character a lot too, as he upheld some witty banter with Bruce, like an older Nightwing would. Batman also faces off against Superman (who ends up under Poison Ivy’s spell) and their fight scene alone is worth the price of admission.

If you love Batman stories, Nolan’s renderings, and Identity Crisis, then you’ll get be very satisfied with Hush. It’s suspenseful, dramatic, and brings back a few old faces as well as introducing some new ones. I encourage comic and non-comic fans one and all to give this book a try. I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of seeing Batman get his ass kicked by Superman while also finagling his way out of scary situations.

It was a short post today, and may be skipping the Friday one too; I’m a bridesmaid at a wedding this weekend, so will be back on track by next week.

Will Make You Feel: Like looking over your shoulder and checking who your friends are

Music to Listen to While Reading: Breaking Benjamin

Publisher: DC Comics


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