Let’s Talk About That “Morning Star” Prologue

wtfLet’s talk about that Morning Star prologue, released early by Pierce Brown on Entertainment Weekly.

Haven’t read it yet? Stop what you’re doing and click HERE.

While it was about as vague as Golden Son’s prologue, it left just enough of a taste in my mouth to get me excited again for this final installment of the trilogy that’s gaining traction. I’m so elated that more and more people are slowly discovering this series, as well experiencing their equally mind-blowing reactions.

I’ve compiled a list of things I’m looking forward to most in this upcoming book, based on the revealed prologue and possible details he’s revealed about Morning Star in his recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. He’s very good at keeping mum so far on the most part, but speculation is the name of the game here and it’s what keeps the fandom flowing.


Darrow’s Great Escape

If the prologue release was any indication, Darrow is officially at the point where there are no more fucks to be given. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect an even crazier ride than we experienced in Golden Son.

The ending of Golden Son left Darrow in a predicament: he was paralyzed and kidnapped by the enemy, as his friends and allies were cut down around him. To make matters worse, even the great leader of the Sons of Ares has been slaughtered, leaving Darrow with little to guide him anymore (although let’s face it, he was acting on his own for most of the book anyway).

How will he break out? My theory is that Sevro and Ragnar will team up with the Telemanuses for some epic prison break. However, Pierce Brown did hint that some time will pass between Golden Son and this book, just like a few years passed between book one and two. Will Darrow be a prisoner for years, slowly forming his plot while trapped among his enemies?

Whose Side is Mustang On?

It could be implied from Jackal’s lines in the prologue that he believes Mustang holds no more love for Darrow, but I wonder if he thinks she is dead. If not, did she join the dark side? It would be the ultimate slap to the face for Darrow, especially after revealing his past to her and his true mission. It would make the greatest of opera drama in space as well. She clearly holds no great love for her kind, but she still has family and people she may love within the caste. Does she have what it takes to put that aside and destroy her own people?

Roque’s Fate

That little observation of Roque in the corner crying says to me that he’s already regretting his actions. He’s facing the same dark abyss that Tactus did: do you blindly declare loyalty for your people despite the evil they’ve caused, or do you change for the sake of friendships you’ve made with ones who should be enemies? It’s a complicated question, and it’s difficult to tell how Darrow is feeling: “He was my friend. Heart too kind for his Color. Now he turns his head and I see his tears. But they are not for me. They are for him. For what he has lost. For the ones I have taken from him.”

Does he feel sorry for Roque? Or does his sorrow turn to anger at his friend, according to the words at the end of the passage? Much to speculate…

To add more fuel to that particular fire, Brown had this to say in his interview: “So many characters still have to find out their own allegiances, and book three is where their choices finally stick. Their fates will be sealed at the end.” I’d say Roque’s fate will become clear by the end of the first chapter. But I could be wrong.

Sevro’s Girlfriend

One major reveal from an interview was that Sevro gets a girlfriend in this last book. Is our favorite “angel shit out of heaven” seeing hearts? If so, I’m all for it and I’m dying to see who it is.

It’s “someone you know” according to Pierce Brown. Who could it be? Is it a Howler? Theodora?

Meaning of the Title

In this recent interview, Pierce Brown revealed a little back story of the title choice:

“With Morning Star, it reflects Darrow as he evolves into the leader that everything has prepared him to be. Morning Star is the light that many sailors would use to guide them. But it’s also referenced twice in the Bible—once for Lucifer and once for Jesus. So there’s an internal dichotomy in Darrow’s character which, depending on your perspective, he’s either the hero or the villain, and that’s really what I wanted to bring out in Morning Star.”

Like that famous quote from “The Dark Knight”: “You die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” It’s this same setup behind a plethora of hero stories nowadays, and personally it doesn’t get old for me. But this could very well be the plight that Darrow faces.

My friends and I are speculating that the end of the road could mean death for Darrow. He might pull a Neo or a Harry Potter and sacrifice himself for the greater good in some great show of martyrdom to rally the people to his cause.

Later on in his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brown revealed this little nugget: “My favorite quote so far is, ‘Shit escalates.’ That’s what Sevro says in book three, and it’s so true.”

Well, damn. If that’s not an indication of things to come, I don’t know what is.

So, guys ARE YOU PUMPED?? What did you think of the prologue? What nuggets of speculation have you inferred from the content? Sound off in the comment section below.

EDIT: I recently read the first three chapters that Brown released, and I have many, many feelings about it. So many. But with the close release of Morning Star at hand, I’ll save my review for the actual book


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  1. Andrew says:

    mustang will be on darrows side , she already gave her brother to him on a silver platter , and now that her fathers dead she has no family left , except for her family friends which i think will be convince to come over to darrows side .


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