Artist to Watch: Jennifer Doyle and “Knights Errant”

quirkyHello all! Today is a short post, as I’m pretty busy today. I wanted to bring the attention of you webcomic fans out there to a Miss Jennifer Doyle. She’s the creator, artist and writer for a webcomic known as Knights Errant. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Knights Errant started its life as a comic available on Smack Jeeves in 2010, and tapered off in updates back in February 2013. It tells the tale of Will, a rather obnoxious sellsword and his journey to join a band of mercenaries nicknamed “The Errant Knights” led by the legendary Oswald. Upon joining the camp, shenanigans ensue and the characters blossom into awkward friendships and alliances. I won’t delve into the plot too much, as that route is full of spoilers.

While the comic went on hiatus for a year, I still enjoyed every page of this imaginative world and the colorful characters that Doyle has brought to life within it. With the lack of updates, I was worried that the project had been abandoned, as many others I had loved did. But boy, was I wrong.

“Knights Errant” and Staying Passionate

After a year-long hiatus, the comic has returned newly rebooted, this time hosted on Sparkler Monthly.

Doyle included this message on the Smack Jeeves page:

“I really wrote myself into a wall with the last draft of Knights-Errant and I wasn’t enjoying working on it. I essentially started the story too late in the timeline which forced me to tell a lot of events instead of showing them. In this reboot, the characters you’ve all come to know are the same, but the sequence of events will be much different.

I know webcomic reboots are usually side-eyed, but I hope you’ll stick with me as I try to do Knights Errant’s story more justice.”

As she stated, this reboot is truly a reboot, but I am thrilled that the characters have remained the same. I’m also eager to see what this new style has to offer. Her characters are designed a little differently (though this could be due to a change in the timeline), but I’m very pleased to see that Doyle’s craft and fluidity have remained strong. The artistic differences between the very first chapter and her rebooted content is not too different or jarring for fans.

I wanted to congratulate Doyle on taking a chance and rebooting her own series and content. It’s truly a sign of pursuing a passion project, and I am eager to see what she’ll do next. I feel this work stands as a testament to not give up on something, especially if the fanbase is behind it. As a creator, take a page from Doyle and realize that your creation is yours and you can paint, print, package, or primp it up as you please.

If you’re looking for a new webcomic to follow, I highly recommend Knights Errant. You can find the rebooted series at this link (no prior reading required): Knights Errant Reboot

If you’re curious about the previous version of the comic before the reboot, you can still find it HERE. 

(Header image provided by Jennifer Doyle)


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  1. korusan says:

    Too bad, i loved the old version but we can’t find it anymore 😦


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