“Pirate Latitudes”: A Caribbean Heist with Captain Hunter

If You Like…

  • Heist films
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Handsome and cunning captains
  • Sleuthy Spaniards

Then You’ll Like…

Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

quirkyHave you ever seen “Ocean’s Eleven”? “The Italian Job”? And if you tell me you haven’t seen any of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise films I may ask where you’ve been living for the past ten years (are they making a 5th one? I heard they’re making a 5th one, geebus).

The late Michael Crichton had an unpublished manuscript on his computer that was discovered after his death. It was this story, Pirate Latitudes, of one piratical captain named Charles Hunter and his unlikely crew who are hired to steal a cache of gold. Hijinks ensue, things explode, and the cast is just as colorful as Danny Ocean and his team.

Ocean’s Eleven in the Caribbean

Did you know that this novel has already been optioned for film by Steven Spielberg? It makes sense, as Spielberg was a good friend of Crichton’s and filmed his popular work. In light of that news, let’s do a dream casting!

Captain Charles Hunter – Henry Cavill

Don Diego (aka “Black Eye” or “The Jew”) – Robert Downey, Jr.

Sanson – Peter Facinelli

Lazue – Milla Jovovich

Enders – Dante Basco

(Because we need some Filipino up in this fan casting)

Bassa “The Moor” – Nonso Anozie

Sir James Almont – Iain Glen

Anne Sharpe – Nicola Peltz

Side Characters

Robert Hacklett – ???

Emily Hacklett – Natalie Dormer

Captain Cazalla – Antonio Banderas

Posthumous Publishing: How Does It Make You Feel?

One question I did want to pose for you all is the question of posthumous publishing, wherein authors who have recently died with unfinished work, then have said unfinished work either finished by someone else or published as is. I can’t quite remember if Pirate Latitudes was finished or not, but it was discovered posthumously by Michael Crichton’s assistant.

I’m not sure what I would do if I was in that situation. On one hand, unless the author explicitly says to finish his work in his will, I would rather leave the content alone. Then again, I’m all for collaborative work, so if somebody were to take my unpublished stories and want to mess with them, it could be a good thing.

Having your work finished by an author of similar style oftentimes spells trouble for the fans. They worry about the quality, the love of the characters. I also think that said work should be put to a vote for the fans, by the fans. If there is enough majority to warrant a finishing, then by all means have a competent author complete the task.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed Pirate Latitudes and highly recommend for you blithering pirates and hot-doggin’ heist lovers out there. It’s a perfect marriage of hashing out a heist mixed with pirates and things blowing up. Get readin’!


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