Dream Casting for “The Dresden Files”

cannotevenIt’s time for another dream cast! And I know, I know…”But Maj, Dresden Files was already made into a show! You don’t need a fan-casting for that!” Uh, yes I do. I love The Dresden Files, and have been a loyal fan of the books for almost a decade now.

Now, I applaud the television show creators for their excellent casting choices, and I did truly love the adaptation as it stood, but I still feel like they could have done better. In fact, thanks to evolution in film technology and the quality of shows being released today on screens big and small, I have no doubt that a Dresden Files show remake, mini-series, or whatever, would be a hit among viewers. But I digress: let’s take a look at who I would pick for some of my favorite characters from the book series! As usual, I may come back and edit this post, should alternative actors cross my view.

The Dresden Files Characters

Harry Dresden – Charlie Cox

I honestly loved Paul Blackthorne in the television series, and he is closest to my vision of Dresden. But since the actor has aged somewhat since the show, Charlie Cox is a close second. I’ve probably been most likely, highly suspectly, influenced by the “Daredevil” show on Netflix. His acting on the show was superb, playing the flawed hero to a T. He could be Harry in my mind. Plus…he’s got the height.

Karrin Murphy – Carey Mulligan

The description of Karrin in the books that I always loved was the fact that she looked like “best friend’s kid sister” and could still kick your ass. While I haven’t seen Carey Mulligan in an action role, she’s definitely got that youthful, kid sister look and vibe. The fact is, people would underestimate her, which is part of Karrin’s character.

Thomas Raith – Ian Somerhalder

This one’s a toughie. In fact, Thomas is probably the one character that I haven’t settled completely on an actor for. How do you find an incubus in Hollywood? While it’s pretty cliche that I’ve picked an actor who has already played a vampire, what can I say? The man plays a good vampire.

Bob – Chris Pratt

Starlord as the voice of the sarcastic skull spirit? Yes, please.

Michael Carpenter – Nathan Fillion

Okay, this one might be a reach, but I frickin’ love Nathan Fillion. Man can play any role and he nails it. I believe he’d be great as the Knight of the Cross and one of Harry’s closest friends. Just imagine Rick Castle hefting a huge-ass, Final Fantasy-esque sword.

Molly Carpenter – Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn would be perfect as the innocent, budding rebel who’s just discovering her powers.

Waldo Butters – Colin Hanks

I can just picture him screaming, “Polka will never die!”

“Gentlemen” Johnny Marcone – Chris Cooper

I’ve seen this talented actor in his more creepier roles, and loved it. I would be behind this man, one hundred percent.

Queen Mab – Robin Wright

I love Robin Wright as the calculating Claire Underwood in “House of Cards,” so how could I pass up the chance to nominate her as the ice queen of the the Winter Faeries?


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