Artist to Watch: Jayd “Chira” Aït-Kaci

cannotevenI’m going on a little tangent to talk about an artist that you should all follow. Her work has inspired me for years and each piece of art she puts out is nothing short of fabulous. If you’re looking for a new webcomic to pick up, with fantastic story and world-building, and with the expressive Disney-character style, look no further than Jayd “Chira” Aït-Kaci.

Going by several online pseudonyms, I’ll call her Chira for the duration of this post.

Chira is often found working as a dynamic duo with Alex “Muun” Singer, the writer side of this duo. Their works include Sfeer Theory, The Which Wills, and Small Town Witch, to name a few. Chira also works on a side project called The Fox Sister.

Sfeer_01_20I can’t tell you how much Chira’s art reminds me of Disney. In fact, I remember she stated once that Glen Keane – a popular Disney animator responsible for character designs on “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tangled”, “Paperman” and more – was a huge inspiration. It definitely shows. Her characters are almost never standing. It may seem funny, but this makes a huge difference in the flow of her work and comics.

Imagine the first time you saw a children’s cartoon. Have you noticed how bright the colors may be, but how often the characters stand statically with only their mouths moving? While her work has not been animated, it doesn’t really need to be. Her characters are in constant motion, walking, sliding, reaching, hugging, etc. It’s a habit that can be difficult to break for other artists.

I highly recommend that you give her art and comics a look. They’re a feast for the eyes and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Your first stop should be Sfeer Theory, a magical story about a world of “sfeers” and people known as “cyclists” who can harness their sfeers to impose their will upon the world, themselves, or other people. It’s a fascinating concept featuring a large cast of characters in wide world. Give it a read!

All art pictured belongs to Jayd “Chira” Aït-Kaci.



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