Dream Casting for “Red Rising”

Warning: spoilers and (possible) language ahead!

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sillyIf you have not read my initial review of the first two books in the trilogy, click here to read!

It may be April, but if there’s one thing that’s already on my Christmas list this year, it’s please God let them announce that the Red Rising script is finished and start casting. I swear when they announce the film adaptation in production, I will devour every rumor and piece of marketing they have. But for now all we can do is dream.

I want to start a new segment here, something that I enjoy doing but have never actually put down on paper: dream casting (also known as fan casting). When I read a particularly visual book, I can’t help but imagine who I would want to play those characters if there was ever a cinematic adaptation. Lucky for us, Red Rising by Pierce Brown is already well on it’s way to the big screen.

For these dream casting segments, I’ll do one post with all characters that I can think of so far for. I may go back and edit these later, should I discover an actor or actress who would better fit that role. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my choices so far.

Main Players

Darrow – Taron Egerton

I loved Taron in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and I think he has that charisma that Darrow had to invest in to survive the first book, and would also carry into the second. He would be especially great as “Gold” Darrow, when Darrow is all carved up, looking chiseled and strong with an enhanced intelligence.

Mustang – Britt Robertson/ Liana Liberato

This was a tie (there’s a few of those here). Both of these ladies have that face that can magically be any age she wants to be, hence Britt’s casting in “The Longest Ride” and “Tomorrowland”, and Liana’s casting in “The Best of Me.” Either of them would be great as the headstrong and striking Mustang.

Cassius – Alex Pettyfer

Possible Spoilers for this Part!

This one was tough, and I’m still questioning my choice of Alex Pettyfer. But I had to put someone here, so Alex it is. I’ve always imagined Cassius as this debonair, devastatingly handsome man, but somehow you sometimes want to punch him. Enter Mr. Pettyfer. He’s got the pretty-boy charm, but I think he’d be great as our friend-turned-villain. And just picture him and Taron together, kicking ass and taking castles in the arena!

Sevro – Evan Bird/ Moises Arias

Oh lord, this was so hard. To me, Sevro is a scruffy kid with an amazing backbone, who’s nimble and unexpected. I perused the actor indexes for such actors with that physique and came upon these two. I did enjoy Moises in Ender’s Game as the asshole Bonzo, he was great. He could easily turn that assholery type and turn it into an endearing character underneath. Evan Bird is an up-and-coming actor to watch and, if not as Sevro, he’d make a great Howler.

Pax – A Daniel Cudmore look-alike

Pax is my favorite dude, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a young actor to fit him! So for reference, I’ve added Cudmore, who played Colossus in the original X-Men trilogy. He had that huge build that I imagined for a young Pax.

Quinn – Kaya Scodelario

Kaya was recently in “The Maze Runner” as Teresa. How ironic that I think she would be perfect for Quinn, a runner and right-hand woman for Darrow in Red Rising and Golden Son. She’s lithe and graceful, but can still kick ass.

Roque – Tyler Posey/Kodi Smit-McPhee

Another tie! Curses! Roque is our warrior poet, so I wanted to find someone who could showcase that elusive side of him, but still be a fighter underneath. (Although more of an intellectual fighter). Enter Tyler Posey of “Teen Wolf” fame.

Now that I think about it, maybe Colton Haynes would make a good Pax…

Kodi Smit-McPhee is making a name for himself in the indie field, and is someone to watch for 2015. I have not personally seen his films yet, but if the trailers are any indication he’s got great acting chops and the appearance of a young, literary man.

The Jackal – Cameron Monaghan

Spoiler warning for those who aren’t caught up on “Gotham”!

The minute I watched Cameron’s breakout scene in “Gotham” I knew this was the Jackal. ‘Nuff said.

Fitchner – Daniel Day-Lewis

I recently went to one of Pierce Brown’s talk and signings, and he joked about how he would want Daniel Day-Lewis as Darrow in the films. But on the contrary, while he’s too old for Darrow, Daniel Day-Lewis would be fantastic as Fitchner. The man can play any role from doting father to cold-blooded killer. For awhile, you aren’t sure which one Fitchner is, so it fits!

Eo – Holland Roden

She’s got the red hair, that’s for sure. Holland has that innocent look about her, with a fighting spirit underneath that would be great for Eo’s character.

Minor Characters

I won’t go into detail for these guys, but felt they were worth mentioning.

Tactus – Douglas Booth

Harmony – Natalie Dormer

Dancer – Gary Oldman

Mickey – Paul Giamatti

Julian – Jimmy Pinchak

Antonia – Emma Watson

Titus – Colton Haynes?

Do you agree with my dream cast? If so, awesome. Do you disagree? Awesome as well! If you have different actors in mind for these roles, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know who you would put as these characters. Who knows, I may change my mind at your suggestion and change my choices!

Until next time, per aspera ad astra.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Elisabet Salas says:

    I love your fancast for Darrow I hadn’t been able to think of anyone! Oh and for Adrius its like perfect, I had originally thought Dane Deehan could play him. For Sevro you should check out Richard Harmon from the 100 he is perfect for the role!


    1. majestatic says:

      Hi Elisabet,

      Nice choices! Richard Harmon is a great addition. I haven’t seen The 100, but I’ve been meaning to. So many shows, so little time….


    2. I said the same for Sevro!


  2. Sam Cafflin for Cassius
    Natalie Dormer for Victra
    Richard Harmon for Sevro… seriously look this guy up, he’s a dead ringer

    Your choices are overall good, but some a little on the young side


  3. JuliaG. says:

    I think that Marie Avgeropoulus would be a perfect Antonia, or Victra, from Golden Son. I think that emma is to harmless to be antonia,i don’t know, that’s just my opinion. Hic sunt leones.


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