Storm’s A-Comin’

If You Like…

  • Urban fantasy
  • Witches and wizards
  • Not-your-teen-sister’s vampires
  • Badass POV

Then You’ll Like…

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

cannotevenLet’s start things off with a bang. Or more like a fuego!

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher was one of the very first mature urban fantasy tales I’ve read. It was the gateway series, so to speak, and opened my eyes to the possibilities that urban fantasy could hold. This was back in high school when the greatest fantasy series I had read to date was the Harry Potter series. After that I mostly had to focus on books for school and didn’t have much time to read leisurely. It was a day like any other in my sophomore year of high school, when a friend from Algebra class slipped me the first book like a smuggler under the desk.

Reading the first book in the series, Storm Front, was like a breath of fresh air. Later I’ll post up a review of The Bartimaeus Trilogy, which was my first introduction to the snarky first-person perspective with a character who had a forked tongue of wit. Storm Front came later in my life, when I had been seeking an adult perspective voice in the very same fantasy genre. Voila, there was Harry Dresden.

The first book in the series is definitely a first book. I’ve read and listened to a few reviews who claimed that they could barely stomach the first book because of how chauvinistic Harry was in Storm Front. But they triumphed through the second one and they were hooked, and perhaps the same can be said of me. I liked Storm Front mainly for the reasons I already cited above: I was desperate for a new series with a voice that could make me laugh and it delivered on both ten-fold. Looking back now, I can see what folks were saying about it. But does that stop me from recommending it? Hell no. Sure, Harry is a but misogynistic this first book and the female characters are a yawn (except for Murphy, God love her), but he changes and Jim Butcher changes his female characters drastically and that’s what’s important. Storm Front is what I like to call “majestic world-building.” Butcher holds nothing back and plays on the mythos of every fantasy creature you can imagine from vampires to fairies to werewolves and wendigos. It’s like the Supernatural television show on paper without all the brotherly angst and more magic.

By the second book, Fool Moon, you’ll be tearing your hair out from all the close shaves this boy gets into.

Tattered copy in the foreground, brand-spankin' new one in the back. You can never have enough back-ups.
Tattered copy in the foreground, brand-spankin’ new one in the back. You can never have enough back-ups.

Will Make You Feel…: Like hugging your cat

Music to Listen to While Reading: Star Wars theme. (Not even joking)

Publisher: Roc Books


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